Trade smart, not hard

Unstoppable liquidity, gasless transactions, fixed spread with a single user account
Enhanced user experience
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Experience the future of Decentralized trading with gasless transactions and fixed spread
Trade and provide liquidity directly from Telegram App
Stay ahead with Real-Time analytics of all DEXs across the TON Ecosystem
How it works

Trade on all exchanges and provide liquidity under one roof

To ensure the best rates, we will split a trade into smaller parts and execute them on various exchanges
We aggregate liquidity from multiple Decentralized exchanges on Ton to provide traders with access to a larger pool of liquidity
We offer a new way of gasless transactions to enable non-stop trading performance
Our analytics dashboard provides valuable insights about trading volume, liquidity, and price trends across TON network Ecosystem
Compare liquidity pools and trading volumes across different DEXs within the Ton blockchain
Track real-time information on the historical prices of tokens to make data-driven decisions
Analyze user activity to gain insights into user behavior and optimize platform strategies
The TON Blockchain is a highly efficient blockchain that is both secure and scalable, with the ability to process millions of transactions per second. This makes it one of the fastest blockchains ever
Why Ton?
Q1 2023
DEX release
Data collection of all DEXs within TON Blockchain
Analytical dashboard for all DEXs
Ton node launch
DEX aggregator
Q2 2023
Gasless DEX
Smart contract audits
Implementation of limit orders
Docs section for traders and liquidity providers
Telegram bot for trading through TWA
Stable swap and integrating it into AMM
Q3 2023
Launching RFQ Orders
Off-chain Market Making platform V1
Onboarding Market Makers to the exchange
Integration of fiat payment providers
Q4 2023
Enabling Fixed spread
Launching Ton Validator
Implementing TradingView Charts
Bridge integration with Ethereum, Polygon, BNB chain
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